People love to get free stuff, especially if it is impressive, useful or has a high perceived value. You can take advantage of people’s desires by offering creative freebies that will be memorable, and will help to encourage your web visitors to return.

Just as McDonald’s restaurants make great use of giving away free toys in their Happy Meals, which encourages families to come back again and again, you can offer your customers something that will create a buzz, and will leave them impressed.

Source inexpensive business merchandise

There are a whole range of business merchandise manufacturers on the internet, and it has become quite a competitive marketplace, so there are plenty of bargains to be had by savvy companies looking for interesting and creative gifts to give away that can be personalised with your company brand.

When choosing merchandise to give as freebies, then you should offer something that is associated with your business wherever possible, and make it useful too! For example, if you sell ranges of art supplies to schools, artists and creative groups, then offering free pencil sharpeners with every order would certainly encourage more people to buy from you than another supplier who offers nothing.

Pampering treats will always be appreciated

If your business offers services that you cannot easily associate free merchandise with, then why not go down the luxury route and offer your clients some quality chocolate treats to pamper them with. Even if they don’t eat the chocolates themselves, the though is impressive, and they can pass the chocolates on to someone else to enjoy.

Build community spirit

When you are building a business that will focus on your local community, then push that aspect of it. If you are planning to run an open day, or appear at a local organised event such as a town fair or annual celebration, then get other local businesses on side.

Food is always a winner, so organise a local bakerĀ  to make you some themed cupcakes to give away, or some free chocolate samples from a local chocolatier. If you are promoting something healthy, and you have a local farmers market or supplier, then why not see if you can get them to donate some free apples for you to hand out.

It may be possible to work with another local business that would compliment your own. You could give out free samples of their pressed juices in exchange for them handing out one of your leaflets with every purchase made.

Go Digital

Your company may operate in a field where you do no not produce or sell any physical products. You may be offering business consulting services, counselling, yoga, or meditation. In this case you could create some free e-books, guides, or mini-courses to offer your clients when they sign up to your business newsletter.

For example if you are running an holistic therapy clinic, then a free guide to mindfulness would be something of great interest to your clients, and would carry a high perception of value for them.

If you are good at writing informative content, then you can easily put this together yourself, or you can hire a freelance writer to create these products for you for a very reasonable price.

Discount codes and coupons

A great way to get your customer to come back to your website is to offer a discount code for money off their next shop, or a percentage discount off a new product or service you are offering. You can discount codes and vouchers as an incentive for new customers to shop with you, or include them with the customer receipt after they have made a purchase.

If you have a physical shop, you can design a printable coupon to display on your website. Your customers can download and print these off to bring into your shop and use as part payment. Likewise, if you are running a cafe or restaurant, your printable voucher can be for a free drink, or a free starter with any main course ordered from the menu.

Try not to be too blatant

With gift giving, it is always best to be subtle. Your customers will appreciate a tote bag or mouse mat where your logo is placed discreetly in one corner of the product rather than front and centre. Always try to think about freebies and giveaways as a gift for your clients rather than a blatant promotional item. Your customers will respect you for it.

We hope you found these tips useful, and you can incorporate some into your promotional campaigns and brand-building exercises.