Internet marketing has increased the opportunities businesses have to engage with their markets, offering many ways of communication.   Across the spectrum of platforms out there, internet marketing offers selected means of engaging clients, helping to develop a brand/customer relationship that just gets better.

How will you be certain that your website works for you if you do not measure your website activity? If you have invested blood, sweat, and tears into your business wouldn’t you want to see a return on your investment? if so, it’s critical that you measure and record all your marketing activity in order to understand what works for your business and what does not.  Here are just four of the most important Internet marketing data you should be measuring and putting to good use.


Its all well and good that new people visit your website but how many of them are actually return visitors? If visitors come back to your website then you have obviously been successful in making some kind of impact. The job is to now continue to maintain that impact by keeping your website up to date with relevant and engaging information.


If you know where your highest traffic sources come from it will aid you in knowing which campaigns you should focus your efforts on. This also allows you to review the way you work on other platforms or channels and make improvements or even stop working on them if it is not where your target market is. If you think that your Instagram channel sends you the most visitors but you realise its Facebook you need to review how you are working.   Monitoring your traffic sources has you in the know, rather than guessing where the most of your traffic sources come from.


Another benefit is that it allows you to know your visitor’s desktop, tablet, and mobile traffic when online. This helps you decide whether to factor in whether you need to revamp or redesign your website to be able to benefit your visitor’s online behavior.


In 2018 user experience is even more important. Google has made it clear that the focus must be on the user’s experience. People want fast performing websites in 2018 and so does Google.  In fact, Google likes blazing fast sites and is preparing to move to what it calls a ‘mobile first‘ index this year.‘Site Speed’ is now a ranking factor.

If your visitors can navigate your website in a logical structured way to find the information that they require it increases the chances of them engaging with your pages and also sharing them. This helps search engines know which pages are useful to people.

For support and advice on tracking, recording and analysing your digital marketing metrics, Winners Web & Graphic Design today. Your current activity will be reviewed and recommendations made to assist you in making a return on your investment.